“Meditation, dance, art, music, nature, film and writing–we use all of these to breakout of any level of isolation, depression, bitterness and heartache we may be feeling and move into awareness of our potential and joy as human beings and as beings in a beautiful world, sharing community!”

The Work

 “Life-Writing Workshop
Ever had a returning urge to put your life on to a page, movie or even a musical? Are you interested in connecting with a small group of like-minded fellows and taking a brave journey together where your own life’s memories, dreams and recollections take on a new life of their own in a new creative way? This group offers an opportunity and the means to put your own life center stage once a month, to allow your imagination to take root and blossom into a work of literature of your own making, in a circle of connection, hope and appreciation.
Live the Dream – Making Meaningful Art from Dreams:
Painting, Writing and Film

Gentle fundamentals for the Body, Mind and Spirit: 
Meditation and Movement for de-stress and relaxation

Dance a New Story: Choreography Workshops

Practicing Expressive Arts for Depression and Anxiety

A description of the the workshops:

Living through challenging times… art can help us to find our way!

Everything is just right!

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